Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Blog More Blogs!

It's amazing how that comment from Dooley will make me post something new. Even if I don't have much to blog about, I still pull something from somewhere, let's see where this goes today.

I woke up this morning and it was 70 degrees outside, which is totally alright with me. Give me year-round 70's and I'll be a happy little beaver. Then, I turned on the news only to find out that by 5pm it'll be in the 50's. WTF? I've really never been happy with Indiana's weather patterns, but damn! Let me ease into winter alright? I don't care, I still put on a sleevless shirt today--damn the man, fight the power and all that stuff. So there's that.

Our first three NetFlix of the year have now been watched and I was happy with all of them. First, we watched Batman Begins. That was a cool action flick with fairly good acting. Christian Bale did good as Batman, but I'll always be a Michael Keaton fan, don't you think he was the best one? I didn't care much for Katie Holmes, but whatever.

Next, was Ocean's Twelve. Let it be known that I didn't walk away from the first one thinking it was the best movie EVER, like so many others. That said, I enjoyed the sequel, however, it was a bit complecated which makes me like the first one better. Vary rarely is the sequel better than the original. A few examples: The Godfather II, Aliens and Evil Dead 2. Oh, and it also had my favorite comedian/actor in a bit part as well, Eddie Izzard. I HIGHLY recommend checking out his Dress To Kill special.

Last night we watched Crash. This one was a good drama, very engaging from the start. Great writing, good cast, good acting, four stars in my book. It was a very raw look at prejudices in different walks of life. It was refreshing to see such real-life issues in a movie, nothing sugar coated and not really hitting you over the head with consequences either. It was just there.

Anyone seen any good movies lately?


  • At 11/9/05 11:17 AM, Blogger TP said…

    shrek 2 is mo betta than 1. sin city is good i thought (of course ima jess alba fan). it's kinda like watching a comic book which makes sense since it was based on the comic books.

  • At 11/9/05 11:37 AM, Anonymous bigD said…

    she said beaver

    show us your buttonface!

  • At 11/9/05 12:18 PM, Blogger Stef said…

    you're so gross

  • At 11/10/05 11:11 AM, Anonymous Finch said…

    I liked Christian Bale better as Batman. Michael Keaton may have been the best actor to do the role, but Bale had the best mix of acting/right look.

  • At 11/10/05 6:33 PM, Anonymous celeb said…

    things I learned today:

    stef's beaver is both happy and little

  • At 11/11/05 4:43 AM, Blogger PF Hagermark said…

    Share your view on Crash. Plain simple well scripted and flowing stories that makes it worthwhile to watch. Got the thoughts flowing later on as well.

    God's Speed Stef!


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