Sunday, October 30, 2005

Lessons Learned

H6 has come and gone. A good time was had by all. Time to reflect on the things I learned this weekend:
First, I make damn good meatballs and wings.
Secondst, The butt-in-face is never as good of an idea as you think it is at the time. Pictures linger forever.
Thirdst, Blacklight pong is more entertaining and more difficult than regular pong.
Fourthst, Hurricanes aren't always natural disasters, they can be yummy, fruity drinks.
Fifthst, Everyone that didn't show up had trach for 'scuses.
Sixthst, Cleaning up after a party SUCKS (but I think we all knew that).

Friday, October 28, 2005


Yesterday it occured to me that Bean and I have may have more trips lining up than we probably realize. In January, we're going to Snowshoe, WV. Which is turning out to be a fairly expensive trip even though we're splitting a few ways. It should be fun, I've only be skiing once and hopefully I'll actually learn how to ski. I think I'm going to sign up for a class or two while I'm there.

In Feburary/March we're going to Florida to visit his parents. We went a couple years ago for his birfday and had fun. It nice to not have a schedule, play shuffleboard and fish all day. Man, I can't wait for retirement!

I'm tentatively planning a May trip to NYC. Neither of us have ever been and it seems like a cool place to visit. Then again, I thought Dayton, OH would be a cool place to visit, but it wasn't. So what do I know?

Also on the list for "sometime": return trips to Las Vegas, New Orleans and Kalamazoo. I think I'm really going to try to organize some group trip to an amusement park also. As someone who doesn't like heights, roller coasters aren't especially exciting for me, so I've sorta put it by the wayside. I know Ben likes them, though, so we'll see. Anyone interested in going with us to any of the aforementioned places?

Friday, October 21, 2005

H 6

Well, HalloBean is drawing near once again. And once again, our house is turning into a pagan worshipper's dream. Lots of skeleton's, spiders, witches, ghosts, alcohol and cats. Well, the cats are always there and so is the alcohol now that I think about it......

You sure are in for a treat this year! In addition to the sweet ass bar that most have seen by now, there's also a special "decoration" being debuted this year. It was actually my brain child, but it's definately been a team effort between Bean and I. We just finished it last night in fact!
My costume is in the works and so is Bean's, everything's coming together nicely.

For those that have not yet responded, or are still in the "Undecided" catagory, you should definately make your way down. We'll have lots of food, drinks and good times for sure. For those in Indy, it only takes about 1.5 hours to get down here. It takes about that long to get to the Haute! And HalloBean is way more fun than the Haute, at least in my opinion. Tweety's are good though...

For those that are already coming, your prescence and a costume are teh only requirements. However, if you would like to bring something, feel free to bring a dessert, bottle of liquor or some other form of liquid refreshment. Also, don't forget that we have four cats and no matter how often I clean, I will never be able to rid the house of cat dander (perhaps unless I get a Dyson vacuum--hint, hint Ben!!). So make sure you bring your favorite allergy medicine along if you think the cats may be an issue. If nothing else, allergy medicine will help you get your buzz on a lot faster when taken with alcohol!

See you soon!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Spammed In Real Life

So I was sitting outside on a picnic table this afternoon. Enjoying the nice weather and cramming for a midterm when I noticed this girl making her way to my table. I didn't know her, but she sat down anyway. It was too nice of a day for me to squabble over her invading my space and I had to leave in a couple minutes anyway, so I didn't protest, I didn't look up either. When she sat down, she asked if I make a lot of money at my job, or if I even had a job. WTF? I was reading my history book and she's asking about my job? So I didn't really respond, rather just looked at her. To which she took the initative to tell me about how Microsoft had sent her an email where if she could forward 5 email addresses, not already in her address book, they would send her a check for $240. And if I would participate and then find 5 more people, I could make money too. This explaination went on for three minutes without me saying anything.

I waited for her to stop speaking before I told her that that scheme was spam and that it didn't come from Microsoft. She just looked at me in disbelief and after a minute said, "Well the checks have to come from somewhere" and sat there and just stared at me while I just sat there and wondered if I was hallucinating. She then rolled her eyes, said Whatever and walked off in a huff.

I immediately called Bean to relay this story and decided that I had just been spammed in real life. Weird.


I apologize for the delay in blogs, but I've been busy studying. Yeah right, actually, I've been doing everything BUT studying. Even blogging this blog is taking the place of studying right now. I've noticed that I have succum to distractions quite frequently in the last few weeks. I don't know why, but I have.

Two weeks ago I was cleaning teh house and, after vaccuming all rooms, all I had left were the stairs. You need to understand, dear readers, that I HATE doing the stairs. It's cumbersome what with lugging the vaccum up and down all the while making sure the thing doesn't fall on you at the same time, I hate it. But I had cleaned EVERY room and I don't like to leave things half done (at least when it comes to cleaning), so the stairs just had to be done. But wait! The TV looked dusty on top and so surely if the TV's dusty, then so are other things in the house. So then I started dusting and about 45 minutes later I was right back at the bottom of the stairs looking at the vaccum.

That's just one example. It's happened plenty of other times where I would start doing the dishes, walk into another room to look for other dirty dishes and then notice, say, a pile of laundry that needed to be folded. Then I would realize that I had left the laundry for some reason, got distracted, started washing the dishes, then distracted again by the laundry that I had left to begin with! Oh, it's a vicious, cruel cycle!

Do I have adult ADD? Maybe. Is the fact that I realize what's going on make me not have ADD? Possibly, but I am no doctor. Am I just trying to get out of some homework right now? Definately.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Lloyd Dobler

One of the most powerful images from the 80's has to be this. There will never be a point in my life when I will hear "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel and not picture Lloyd standing there will his radio hoisted over his head. There will also never come a point that Jenny's phone number is not 867-5309, but that's neither here nor there.

The movie Say Anything has a classic storyline where Lloyd, the underacheiver, manages to get the pretty, high school validictorian to fall in love with him. Despite what his friends, her friends and her father have to say about it. It's a great movie because so many people can relate to Lloyd, or know someone one like him. He's the really nice guy that never gets the girl because he's not that smart, or that good looking. He's just a genuinely nice guy.

There are a ton of good quotes from the movie, my favorite being this one. I have a feeling that most readers have seen this movie, but you never know. If you haven't, I highly recommend it for some night that you want to re-live the good ol days of movies. Days when there weren't high quality CGI and big chase scenes, just good writing and acting. Not to mention a load of funny lines--props to Cameron Crowe!

This is my tribute to all the Lloyd's out there......

Daily Fortune Cookie: You will be fortunate in everything you put your hands to.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Nothing In Particular

Once in high school I wrote a paper I titled, " A Paper On Nothing In Particular". Can you believe that? I don't know why I just thought about it, but I did. I don't remember anything specific about the contents other than it was just a bunch of rambling on about how I could write a paper on any topic without any research.
For some reason I got an A- on it, I guess that means that it was written well. But what about content? There's no way that the content was deserving of an A-. I seem to think I still have that paper in a folder of other random high school stuff. I hope I can find it, I'd love to read that masterpiece now.
I think I thought of it because I have a paper due in a month about trench warfare in WWI, which is a subject I'm not really interested in. I was hoping to invoke those powers of bullshit to write the paper, but they seem to have vanished in the last ten years. Don't get me wrong, I can still talk it up with the best of them, but I'm drawing a blank on this topic. Which is unfortunate since the papers that I can B.S. through are usually more fun to read I think. But I guess I'm stuck doing this the "proper" way and reading all five books and writing some dry, pointless paper.

Daily Fortune Cookie: You should be able to undertake and complete anything.
Very appropriate, eh?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bathroom Talkers

I also am copying-another-blog's-subject today. I can't remember who was blogging about this, but just over an hour ago I was trapped by a bathroom talker. Class was just about to start and so I headed to the bathroom to take care of some personal business. That way I wouldn't have to miss any of the exciting new things I was surely going to learn in my Intro To Computers & Their Use (this is a REQUIRED class, btw) class.
Like I was saying, I open the door only to see this woman at the first sink touching up her makeup. As it happens, this lady is in my German class and she's, well....let's just call her "special", yes we'll call her "special" with the quotes and everything! So all within 10 seconds I have to decided if I can sneek past her, or if I should say something. It occurs to me that I don't know her first name, so I just sorta wave to her in the mirror and proceed to the stall at the opposite end. As I walk she says "Oh hi!", then as I'm clearly IN the stall she continues to talk about how great our professor is and how she's been studying for the last hour and a half and continues with other such ramblings. Give me a break! I broke eye contact a LONG time ago, there's no reason for her to still be talking!

So I sit and try to decide if it would be rude for me to release this unwanted waste now, or if I should hold onto it until she's done talking. Would that be like talking when someone else is trying to talk? I always got in trouble for that in grade school....

It only took me 1.3 seconds to decide that this dumb, oh sorry, "special", *something else very special* is in the wrong so I let loose. Man, I've never been so happy to pee in all my life. She was in mid sentance when I started. I couldn't make out the words, but didn't care cause she was done by the time I was done and I didn't really care to begin with. When I came out of the stall she was walking out the door. *insert religious deity here*, I hate bathroom talkers.

Daily Fortune Cookie: Whatever you do may be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Blog About Cats

Here it is, a blog about my cats. It had to happen sooner or later, anyone that knows me knows that I adore my cats. Where to start?
About 6 years ago I got two cats, Jake and Missy
Jake was 3 when I found him, but still very handsome. Missy, however, was just a little baby, only about 7 weeks old. She was the cutest kitten anyone had ever seen and I loved her and cared for her, but I didn't name her George. But one of her nicknames is Pete...

Anyway, fast forward about three years. The three of us moved into a tiny little one bedroom apartment in Indianapolis and everything was great. Then I met Ben and everything got even greater until Ben and his two cats moved in with us. Now Jake and Missy have always liked Ben, but they didn't appreciate him bringing in Kate and Mozz. First of all a 700 square foot apartment is pretty small for two people, but add in four cats and maybe you can understand how tense the situation was. So what we got was a bunch of hissing and meowing all day and night. Missy was battling with Kate for Alpha Female status, Mozz joined in just to play (which didn't help) and Jake, well, Jake just managed them all like he still does, with his pimp hand.

A few months later we moved into our house and everything smoothed out for the most part. Two years later though, Missy and Kate still loathe each other. It's not as bad as when we were in the apartment, but still. They taunt each other all the time. Anytime Kate even acts like she's going to swat Missy, Missy just screams. Other times, Missy will run up behind Kate and just when we think she's actually going to get a piece of her, Kate turns around and Missy stops and looks around like "What?" It's funny most of the time, but other times it just gets on my nerves. If they haven't figured out who's who after this long, then I guess they never will.

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading since you know how sensitive I am about these guys. Maybe I'll post another blog about the other two cats some day.

Daily Fortune Cookie: One advantage of talking to yourself is at least you know someone is listening.

Monday, October 03, 2005

New Jobby Blog

BigD, this is for you!

Here I am, my first day at CyberTek Engineering. It's been a busy first day learning all five employees names and trying to decide where to go for lunch. So far, my day has consisted of filling out typical new employee forms, answering the phone and picking out office supplies from the Office Depot book. This job is cool, I get to sit here all day and do stuff on the 'pooter!
I got to administer a Prometric and VUE test today. As best I can tell, those are tests for certification in MOUS, A+, MCP or MCSE. Mainly, the company does consulting work, ironically enough, we have a couple of Amish grandfathers that work here. Who knew that they would know more about computers than an RHIT grad?
Anyway, it's nice to sit down all day, but I can foresee my butt getting wider from this so action my have to be taken in the form of exercise...I know, I know, what in the world am I thinking?!