Friday, April 28, 2006


I've got a busy weekend ahead of me!
First and foremost, I'm leaving work early to head up to Indy to see Polkaboy! My favorite polka band of all time. Heck, they might even rank in the general favorite band category for me. I will be sharing the polka experience with JCTMH, Melissa and Ben. If you're reading this and will be in the Indy area, you should go to the Rathskellar tonight. You can find me in the beirgarten, by the stage and in the front row.

Ben & I will be staying at the Conkey's tonight, then we will go our separate ways as Ben and Sean head north to go brew at Hick's house and I head back home to attend our neice's 2nd birthday party. Cake & ice cream--he's missing out!

After the party I will probably go home and put the finishing touches on the paint job in the spare bedroom. Yes, the same bedroom I painted a number of months ago.

After that, who knows what will transpire? I might call up a few friends and meet for dinner and/or drinks, I might rent a movie, I might go see a movie, the possibilities are endless! Of course, what will probably happen is I'll either stay home and clean/reorganize some things, stay home and do nothing productive, or go to Ben's parents house and spend the evening with them. What can I say, I'm old. The nights of going out and staying out all night are few and far between. Heck, I think it's feat when I manage to stay up long enough to watch SNL! Even the last time we went out and drank, we were still home by 11:30!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Coincidence? Fate? Whatever you call it, there have been a few interesting events that have happened in my life. For example:
I clearly remember learning about square roots, cube roots, and the like in 6th grade. Once I learned that 3 to the 3rd is the same as 3x3x3, the wheels in my head started turning. My initials were SSM, if only I could marry someone with a last name that started with S, I could be S squared! Then I could sign everything S to the 3rd!!! It was exciting and genius (for a sixth grader), but I knew it would also be a long time before I would have to worry about that. Then one day I was messing around in the hospital, where I worked at the time, and that memory came back to me! In pharmacy you have to sign your initials to everything so there's someone accountable if someone dies, has a reaction, etc. So I was signing my initals on a bunch of stuff when it occurred to me that I was dating someone who's last name started with S! It was at that moment I knew it was love. Well, not exactly, but I was excited about the thought that if we got married I could sign things Scubed. And I did and it was awesome! Coincidence?

During and after hike school I worked at the local Blockbuster video store. At one point there was this older lady (in her 40s) who worked there named Rebecca. She like to be called Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, which is a reference to a book that I had never heard of, but older people seemed to know what she was talking aboot, so whatever. She's was a somewhat weird, quirky lady and seemed to take to me as her own daughter, to which she started calling me Stefanie of Sunnybrook Farm. So what's the name of the road I live on now? Sunnybrook Drive, not farm, I know, but it's pretty damn close.

It seems like I'm forgetting another one, but those two are what's stuck in my head right now. So do you believe in fate?

Monday, April 17, 2006


Scuses trach and whatnot. I just don't always have things going on that I would consider blogworthy.

This weekend Ben and I did a total landscape makeover to our backyard. It looks 200% better than the non-landscaped version we had previously. I'll post pics later if I remember.

I have been leading the organization a neighborhood committee. I wrote up a nice letter, put them in everyone's mailboxes and waited for responses. I got a total of 7 houses to respond, not a ton, but enough to get things going. We held a meeting at our house on Thursday just to meet and hear ideas. Here are some of the things that were decided/talked aboot: Ben bought the domain and will be working on content over the next weeks. We are going to hold a neighborhood yard sale in the next month. We are going to have regular meetings for the next few months to help get our community property issues resolved (flooding backyards, leaking basements). I was nervous about taking the lead on such a big project, but these people seem excited and willing to help and contribute so it should work out well.

The cat stroller is the talk of the neighborhood; kids think it's cute, adults think it's histerical and Jake thinks it's the bomb.

The Kentucky Derby is coming up in a couple weeks, and since neither Ben nor myself are interested in sports we'll be heading up to Indy for the Mini-Marathon. Ben is running the actual mini and I am "running" the 5K. I say "running" because I will more than likely be walking some of it. I just wasn't able to find the motivation I was looking for. You never know though, three point one miles doesn't sound that far....

Monday, April 03, 2006


On Friday I went to Target and bought a stroller. I first saw it on Thursday night, but it was $90 and I wanted to think it over to make sure that it was something I really wanted. Turns out, I did really want it, so I bought it, then Ben and I put it together late Friday night.
Saturday morning I loaded up the stroller and took off around the neighborhood. It was such a nice day! I got a weird look from one lady, but then she laughed and said it was a neat idea. Here's a picture of the stroller in action.
Habba enjoy!