Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fichin In the Dark

This isn't a blog about that song. What is it about that song that everybody likes? I don't understand.....

Does the amount of "trach" talk that is used in your everyday lives (i.e. The Duck, comments on blogs, emails) come out to non-trachers? Clairifaction: the Mister and I were eating early dinner with M1 on Sunday and he mentioned how he can say "Ready to Ote?" or just "Ote" to me and I'll know what he means. His point being that if we're somewhere and he's reday to go, it's nicer than saying "I'm ready to get the eff out of here" when other people are around (i.e. family get- togethers) .

Surely I'm not the only wif that can follow your comments?

I have found myself, on more than one occasion, using the word trach at work, and subesquently having a coworker ask what I'm talking aboot.

Why in the world do I let you guys influence me so much?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Fun with Cats

Last night I was going through some boxes of random stuff when I came across a pet bandana. I believe Ben bought it awhile back for Chewbacca and it some how found its way into said box.

Anyway, what did I do when I saw it?
Why, I put it on each cat and took a picture--duh!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend Wrap-Up

Ben & I had a busy weekend. Friday after work we headed up to Indy, picked up our packets for the 5K and promptly sat down to dinner at Alcatraz. Their food was decent, not the best ever, but the service was prompt considering we were eating downtown on a Friday night where there were 34,998 other people in town for the race. Afterwards, we checked into our hotel, (University Place Hotel) which was very nice btw, and got a good night's rest in preparation for the big race the next morning.

Saturday we woke up around 6:30, had a bagel w/ cream cheese for breakfast, got geared up (it was a bit chilly) and left for the race area around 7:30. The race started at 8:30 and we ran and ran and ran. In all honesty, I stopped three times to walk, but Ben pushed me to keep running and I'm glad he did. My time was 38 minutes; not too bad for someone who didn't train and doesn't run on any kind of regular basis--IMHO. Hey, I'm just happy I finished without passing oat. I definately have sore muscles, but I'd like to try to start running on a more regular basis now that the hard part is over.

After the race we went to Terre Haute to attend the pig roast that I've heard so much about. Unfortunately, there wasn't much going on at the house. I got to see the milkman, which is always fun. It was a toss up between 1st Wok and Charlie's, we decided on Charlie's for a pitcher and Tweety's; and did you know they have a tater tot option? I love when restaurant's have the tater tot option, but I digress. We sat and talked to Andy, then left to go back to Indy.

We went to my friend's house, Jessica, and then went to the Children's Museum with her, Geoff, Matt and Jen to check out a cool glass exhibit. We also went to Moe & Johnny's for dinner afterwards and then just went back to her house to chill out. We talked about lots of things, some of the highlights: cats, kids, Atlantis, beer, gnomes, dwarfs, giants, sports and native american history.
Later that night the Okamoto's and M1 stopped by since they were in the neighborhood.

On Sunday we got up and headed back to the homestead where we did massive work on our front yard. We planted a bush, and something like 35 flowers. It was good times! By 6 I was beat, but we went to get some ice cream with the Willsisis. I think I fell asleep during American Dad, but I slept like a rock! It was a busy weekend, but fun.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Birdhouse in your soul

I've been really interested in bird watching lately. It started when Ben came up with his ingenius plan for landscaping the backyard. He delt with the design part and I envisioned multiple bird feeders and a bird bath all just outside the windows for easy viewing. Now, honestly, the bird things were more for the cats enjoyment, but I gotta tell ya, I've found myself watching them for minutes on end at times. They're so mesmerizing and it's also fun to watch the cats get all crouched down in attack mode for something they'll never get (actually they did get one a couple days ago, but I digress).

Once the weather got warmer, I put out one feeder. Then we went to the nursery to get more flowers and I found a free booklet about bird watching, feeding, etc. The booklet has color pictures of birds common to our area along with what kinds of food those birds prefer to eat, how to make your own feed mix and how to build birdhouses. I was so excited at the thought that I could draw more birds to our windows that I instantly went out and bought a dual shepard's hook and two more feeders. Now we're up to three feeders and the birds love it so much I have to fill them up every couple days!
I've seen all kinds of birds, here's the ones I know off hand: cardinal (male & female), blue jay (m&f), brown-headed cow bird, sparrow, bluebird (m&f), chickadee, mouning dove, goldenfinch (m&f) and red finch.

About two weeks ago, Ben got out all his scrap wood, looked up how to build birdhouses and went to work. I helped, sort of. I think I really just stood there and talked to him and watched, but whatever. He built two houses, mounted (nailed) them to a couple trees and hoped for the best. On Sunday I saw a male & female blue bird checking out both houses and Monday night we were sitting outside and saw them putting straw in one of the houses. As of this morning, the male was sitting on a branch just outside the house, seemingly guarding it. As other birds would fly near the house, he would chase them away. I think they're the new inhabitants of a cozy bird bungalow.

Unrelated news: Polkaboy was AWESOME as usual. The Conley's beautiful new home is coming together nicely. The birthday party was fun. I fell asleep part way through SNL. This weekend is the mini in Indy, pig roast at "the house" followed by hanging with some friends Saturday night in Indy. Should be good tims!