Tuesday, June 20, 2006

And We're Back

Yes, we made it back from Ocean City and now like my mom would say, "it's back to the real world." Was our trip not part of the "real world"? It seemed pretty real to me, especially the two separate times I was told by a cop about how Maryland has an open container law and that it's a jailable offense with a $500 fine. Yadda, yadda, yadda, no jail time or fine for me, or anyone else in the group for that matter.

I did exactly what I told you I would do, I applied sunscreen, read a book on the beach and gorged on fresh naseum I might add. It was definately good times. In Maryland the local service industry people seem to be fond of Natural Light, which they call, "cans of fun". Our second night there, I had too many "cans of fun" and had to purge them from my body, definately not good times. On that night Natty Light was "on special" for $2 a can. Which is good when you're out, but the next day I decided to do the math and there's no way I would ever pay $48 for a case of that stuff! Not such a good deal after all.

On a different night I had too much crab alfredo and was miserably stuffed and wished I could have purged it out, but didn't. Instead I just laid in bed in misery.

Our flight back (heck the whole day of travel coming back) was insufferable mostly due to us having to sit on the plane for nearly an hour after our scheduled departure time. I have since written Southwest a letter clearly depicting the events and tastfully articulating my unhappiness with the events. Hopefully that letter will result in a free ticket or two, or at least a discount; I am good at writing b.s. after all.

Speaking of writing b.s.-- a few months ago I wrote an essay about our subdivision for a contest sponsored by Edy's Ice Cream and won! Sure, I won and so did 1499 other neighborhood's, but that's not important. What IS important is that I will have 12 cartons of Edy's Slow Churned ice cream delivered to my door the last week in July! Now I just have to decide if I'm gonna tell the neighborhood, or keep them for myself.

Friday, June 09, 2006


It's 9:30am right now and by tonight TP, Ben & I will be in Silver Springs, MD staying at chez Stutz. We are taking half days today to finish up some work before our final destination vacation to Ocean City, MD.

The last, partial day of work is always hectic and drawn-out I think. I had a very short list of things I wanted to get done today, I even came in early, but the list has grown and now I'm scrambling to get said list finished. Normally, I would be stressed out, but I've reached the "I don't care" phase and so some things may not get done....oh well. (which is clearly evident by me taking time out to BAB)

I look forward to sitting on the beach doing nothing but reading a book, applying sunscreen and drinking cool beverages. I also look forward to eating some fresh seafood and gorging myself, at least once, on an overpriced buffett. Man I love vacation time! The last vacation was fun, but it was a lot of work going to Germany. This one is a no-brainer, relaxing kind of fun. We've got a 2 bedroom condo all paid for right on the beach! So sweeet!

I'm concerned that Alex, the intern who's staying with us, currently does not have a car that runs. He went out this morning to leave for work and his car wouldn't start. Hopefully, he'll get that fixed; that's a long walk from our house to work twice a day!

I need to move the birdfeeders when I get home. The cats brought in and killed another bird on Tuesday. That makes four this year already. The birdfeeders/birdbath were placed near the house for their enjoyment to watch, not to play with. So that will need to be dealt with to help alliviate the dead bird in the house situation (hopefully). Other than that, we're all packed and ready to go. I've got Brianna (cat-sitter extrordinare) coming down to check on the kitties. And the things at work, well they may just have to wait.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Stef's Hot List

After reading and continuing to read the back-and-forth comments about hotness on the M1 and Viv blogs, I thought I put my list up for everyone to enjoy.
I do not claim to KNOW if anyone else thinks these people are hot or not and, what's more, I don't care. All I know is I find them attractive and I'll try my best to tell you why I feel that way.

In no particular order:

Rebecca Romijn--as discussed in previous blogs, she is the one woman I would totally go lesbian for in a second! She's hot and if you don't think so then you must be CRAZY! I think her eyes are what get me; they're sooo blue and piercing (kinda like someone else I know). It's like she could totally be the girl next door one day, then get all dolled up and be smokin' hot the next. So I guess with her it's purely physical.

Eddie Izzard (without makeup and with makeup)--I've also discussed him before. Before getting into all this let me say that my affinity towards guys who dress like women does NOT mean Bean dresses like a woman or has ever (at least not for me). Eddie is smart and funny, two qualities I find extremely attractive in people. If you can't make me laugh you're oat.

Jenny McCarthy-- I've always liked her because she seemed more relatable to me. She's always seemed like one of the guys, just like I've always been. And she's got a goofy, sarcastic sense of humor which I can totally appreciate.

Christian Slater-- Now this one takes me back.....I had all kinds of pictures of him strew all over my room as a teenager. His raspy voice, bad-boy characters he played and those Jack Nicholson eyebrows all spelled H-O-T to me. I was in lust at first sight when I saw him as "Mark" in the movie Pump Up the Volume; I've been a fan ever since.

Robert Downey, Jr.-- I know, I know, if he could just lay off the coke for awhile....I think the first time I saw him was in Weird Science, but the first time I really noticed him was in Less Than Zero. Even in the early years he played a good drug addict...

John Cusack -- I grew up in the 80's watching his movies. He was always the nice guy that had to struggle with the jocks and popular guys, but he usually managed to get the girl. He has the cutest puppy dogs eyes.

David Bowie -- He has such an interesting face, not to mention his voice! I've enjoyed his music for as long as I can remember. The words in his songs are so romantic, even in "Let's Dance" he says, "...If you say run, I'll run with youIf you say hide, we'll hide. Because my love for you would break my heart in two, If you should fallInto my arms And tremble like a flower..." If you're able to put those words into a dance song, you must know your stuff.

Then there's this guy...