Friday, July 28, 2006

Today Was A Good Day

This week started out pretty terrible IMHO. First thing Monday morning was a doctor's visit where during the exam she spotted a weird looking mole/but not a mole thing on my back. She told me to keep an eye on it this week, if it didn't go down then she wanted to biopsy it next week.

This appointment was followed immediately by a meeting with an unhappy customer. To say they were unhappy is actually a gross misrepresentation of Giant Scrimp porportions. They were dissatisfied with our service, our lack of support, etc, etc. So I sat with them for two hours going over their initial service proposal and showing that while two items were still incomplete, we had finished the other five items. My collegue Jerry signed on to finish the other items. In the end, everyone felt better about the situation and there seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday sort of dragged along in their normal fashion. I've got so many tasks, it's getting hard to prioritize them. At any rate, I plugged along like I always do. Which is not to imply I don't like my job, I do. I enjoy the challenge of these unhappy customer situations. I do wish I could focus totally on the customer service aspect and not all these little day-to-day things for which I was initally hired (i.e. filing, answering phones, desk tech, taking out trach, processing mail).

Enter Friday. Friday is always a pleasant day because no matter how bad the previous days were, you know you have the next two days free to do what you want to do. While out running errands I stopped by the not so unhappy customer's office and were chit chatting it up when she offered me a position with her company. I was totally taken aback; I thought she hated my guts! Turns out she was so impressed with the way I handled the "unhappy customer" situation she thought I'd be perfect. Not to mention their assistant just quit last week so everything's sort of chaotic with them. I tried to politely say that I couldn't do that to my boss, what with ethics and all, but as I drove away I was floored. She basically offered me more than I make now, the use of their timeshare once a year and flexible hours. I'm still sort of thinking it over.

I was going through the mail when I got home and there was something for me from Southwest. At first I thought it was junk, credit card mail, but decided to open it anyway. Having totally forgot about the letter I sent them last month regarding our horribly delayed flight, I was surprised to see the letter in response to my letter! They offered their sincere apologies, warm regards, etc. etc. Then included 4 $50 "Tokens of LUV" aka--gift certificates. So now we've got $200 to blow with Southwest! Where should we go?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Brew and Poo

Next month is the third annual Brew at the Zoo. For those of you keeping score, Bean and I have participated in this drinking event for the last two years and are soon to make it a third time. Mark your calendars for August 26th and plan on coming down to hang out, drink some beer and possibly catch some monkeys slinging poo. Tickets are $35 per person if you buy them ahead of time, or $45 at the door. I know that they sold out last year, so waiting may not be the betz idea. They've made it so you can buy them online this year.
Here are blog entries about previous BATZ's, 2005 ( I couldn't find an entry from 2004, but we were there).
There will be tons of beer and food to sample--good tims all around!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ice Cream, Crappy Neighborhood & Youth Hostel

In my last blog, I mentioned that I won a bunch of Edy's Ice Cream. It's scheduled to be delivered sometime around July 26th. A few weeks ago I made up a flyer and deposited them in everyone's mailboxes and waited for rsvp's to pour in. Three weeks later I'm still waiting. In fact, as of last night, there were only two other houses signed up for a grand total of 10 people (adults & kids). I'm really bummed out about this. There were plans for the fire department to bring out a fire truck for the kids to check out, the police department to do finger printing and talking about bike safety, burgers, hot dogs, music, ice cream and general good times. Everyone I talked to seemed really excited and interested in the party, they thought it was cool that I took the time and effort to submit an essay about the neighborhood. The final straw for me happened last night; last week I sent out an email to all 9 of our "neighborhood committee" people (these are the people excited about this and willing to help out in anyway) about having a party planning meeting last night. I sat and waited and waited, not one person showed up. I must really suck, maybe my idea of good times is not the same as most others. All I know is that I'm going to sit on my front lawn in a couple weeks, when it's really hot, and eat my ice cream so everyone can see me when they drive by.

Re: Youth Hostel
We seem to be running a youth hostel this summer. In addition to Alex staying in the "Santa Fe" room, my sister is staying upstairs since she's working with Ben's company also. I like having the extra people around to talk to for sure. Ben enjoys having some different people around to play Mario Kart. Do we still need a DD for Srassenfest? Stacie could drive us back if needed.