Monday, August 21, 2006

Up To Date

Since there has been no activity here for almost a month, allow me to fill you in...

The thing on my back went away, so nothing to report there.

I've been actively considering and talking to the customer that offered me a job. We've been playing phone tag for awhile since I can't just call them up during the day to start talking about job descriptions, pay rates, benefits, etc. Something tells me the boss may not look to kindly on that type of behaviour. The couple times I've spoken with her, she seems excited about me working for them, but insists that I jump through the hoops that everyone else jumps through (i.e. phone interview/ group interview/ face to face interview), which I guess is fair, but DANG!

My sister left to go back to school for her third year at Ball State. She'll be living in her first apartment and I think she's excited; as well she should be. She learned to enjoy homebrew beer, how to make cement mixers, how to play beer pong (note: not beruit), how to make kick ass lasagna and strawberry shortcake and got to spend some quality time with Ben and I; not a bad summer vacation I'd say.

Strassenfest: Good times as per usual. Secret entrance to schnitzel line was the bomb; even though I ate my schnitzel at 6:30 when I got there, so there wasn't much of a line anyway.

Ben hurt his neck the weekend after SFest; doing what we still don't really know. But he was out for the count for the weekend which was supposed to have involved brewing at Andy's and going to Richmond to wave to my dad in a parade.

The following Sunday I found a little kitten in our backyard. I took him to the vet, they looked him over, he was about 6 weeks old, dehydrated ,but otherwise alright. Our cats were absolutely not happy about this addition and we had no intention of keeping him, but we kept him in our bathroom and bedroom until we could find a home for him. A lady up the street said she would take him in so on Friday night Ben and I handed him over with the sorrow a parent feels watching their child go off to college. He would be right up the street, but he wouldn't be in our house anymore. Turns out that wasn't best time for him to be handed off; he died the next day. I am/was crushed. He was such a cute, little guy. If we could save a nine-day-old kitten found dry walled in a garage, why couldn't we save this one? I'll just chalk it up to another question I'll never know the answer to.

This past weekend, in addition to the couch purchase, we also touched up the walls in the living room. Painting over marks from where someone thought hanging halloween decorations with duct tape wouldn't be a big deal. We also bought some curtains and hung them on the before barren windows and now the living room is starting to look "homey" (if that's a word, which I'm not sure it is). I guess it's just now (3 years later) starting to look like we didn't just move in a couple months ago. I don't mind the sparseness so much, I rather not have any decoration type stuff than too much--there's definately a line somewhere that gets crossed too often. I just can't think abstractly enough to commit to colors, styles, etc. I think we've already gone over that subject though.

So anyway, it's been a moderately eventful few weeks, but nothing spectacular. Now get back to work, I know I need to.