Monday, October 30, 2006

Post Party Rundown

Well folks, another Hallobean in the books! This years attendance was chalked at 38, a great number for sure. Not too small, not too big. To those that came: Thanks! A party isn't a party without guests.

Now is the time Ben and I get a little deflated though. The planning/preparations start about three to four weeks before party time (which never seems like enough time) and then the day after we sit in our house and look around at all the take down work we have to do. It's not so much that the cleanup is not fun (because it's not), it's just the feeling of "it's all over". I had the same feeling the day after our wedding. We spent so much time planning and organizing it and the night before we and some friends took a few hours to decorate the hall for the reception. The afternoon following the wedding we stopped by the hall for something and it was all gone--all the decorations, the flowers, the tables & chairs had all been moved back to their original locations, it was like our wedding never happened. It was sort of depressing that the only thing I had left was memories. So anyway, there's this big thing that we open our home for and it only lasts a few hours. It goes by in such a blur. Maybe next time we should make it a weekend long event...well maybe not.

So over the next few days you will find us spending our evenings cleaning up the remains of Hallobean 7.0
Bean should be posting pictures soon, so check in on his blog. In the meantime, let me know what your favorite part of the evening was. That way I can add it to my memories. Hallobean also marks the beginning of the holiday season, so I've got that going for me.

Of intrest: It should be noted that Maxson sucessfully tubgirl-bombed 6 people at one time (it was sort of my fault). A feat that had not previously been acomplished, as far as I know.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

It's That Time of Year Again

It's HalloBean time once again. And once again, the house is all decked out in ghosts, spider webs, skeletons and cats (because you all say they are the devil incarnate). It's shaping up to be a swell turn out again this year with over 30 guests lined up.
The wings got baked last night, so they're all ready to go in the crock pot and soak up all the goodness Frank's has to offer. The kegs have been waiting patiently to be tapped. I need to put together some MP3's for the music of the night and a few other things, but things seem to be progressing nicely.

In un-HalloBean news I've ordered and look forward to reading "The God Delusion" on the suggestion of M3. I will have my gall bladder removed in November on the suggestion of my doctor. The surgeon said he might be able to record the procedure, or he will at least take pictures so I may get to post those.

For those coming to the party this weekend, we look forward to seeing you. And don't forget your allergy medicine (DOOLEY) if you need it. To those not coming: I hope you have as much fun as we will....but I'm not sure it's possible.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Friday: Naked Pyramid

Well, it's Monday again, the end of a busy weekend and the beginning of a dull work week.
Here's a recap of events:

Oated around 3pm to head for teh Haute by way of Indy to pick up JCTMH. We got the teh Haute around 6:30, just in time to have the blarring sun in my eyes for a good portion of the drive west. We quickly checked into the Woodridge motel ( inn...) where it was a no questions asked format and $40 cash. Grabbed our keys and headed to Chucks for some Tweeties and beer.

We arrived to find teh place seemingly not crowded and Dooley fairly drunk after having been there since 3. Tweeties and pitchers of beer were ordered and promptly eaten & drank and catching up was done with those we don't see or speak to on a normal basis (i.e. the Pachens, Whittmans, etc). Then it was off to the house to see the results of teh renovations and more beer drinking and food eating.

I was a bit dissappointed when we arrived to find that NO ACTIVES were in teh house at all.....anywhere! WTF? But then I was told that there was a huge customary Homecoming bonfire and that's where they all were. (The next morning I noticed that my black car was covered in ash.) There was a bunch of leftover smoked? chicken that some actives dad came and made; the amount of left over chicken took a hit later when Dooley and Ben got to them.

There were some older alumni at the house, they were all very friendly, nice and outgoing. Especially this one guy, Ed (TK999) who, at various times throughout the night informed me that he was going to bite my ass and that Ben should bite my ass, he also mentioned something about a naked pyramid that his class used to do, but Ben wasn't too keen on that idea. Seems like good tims at the house back in the day....full of ass bitings and weiner pyramids.

The motel room was not too bad, it was the people outside the motel that were worrisome. There were two women just sort of hanging out in the parking lot, I assume they were hookers, but one of them were HUGE. Surely no one would pay to have sex with her....would they? Well anyway, due to the people I heard walking by our room and the thought that some crazed killer could easily bust into our room, I had a hard time falling asleep, unlike Ben who was ote as soon as his head hit the bed-bug infested pillow.

We woke up and headed back to the house and then walked around campus and checked out all the nice new buildings and the student design projects. An hour later, we rounded up Dooley and the Whitman's and headed to 1st Wok. The restaurant was much smaller than I had inticpated, but otherwise, the food was good and I finally got to mark that off my list of places to eat before I die.

Headed back to the house and found the Rangoons and Irwin's all with their respective children. Did a short walk of campus with them, taking random pictures adn worked our way towards the football stadium. We again, hung out, drank beer (Bud Light of all things), but neither one of us could partake in the free burgers because we were so full from all the food last night and that day. We got home around 6:30 Saturday mildly exhausted.

Weekend to be continued....

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Yeah, yeah....I hear ya

ok, so what to blog about.....

I started a new treatment on my back last week. It's called IDD and the machine and more information can be found here. Ben went with me the first day to see how the machine works and afterwards, decided that he could probably make one of these since it's just a wench and hydraulic lift hooked up to a computer. I'll stick to the doctor's office, thanks.
I go three times a week for two weeks; when I go I lay on the table and for 20 minutes the machine applies 30 and 60 pounds of pressure in waves. It's meant to help separate the vertebrae to create negative pressure in the disc, which then increases the blood supply to the disc. The increase in blood brings water, nutrients, oxygen and removes the waste products. Looks hopeful.

We are slowly getting out halloween decorations for the upcoming party that you have no doubt heard about. Ben and John have been testing out the new karaoke setup and have added a bunch more songs to the selection list. If you have any special requests, let me know and I"ll pass the word along.

We went to DeerCreek last weekend (I know it's the Verizon Wireless music center, but I don't like change) to see Roger Waters perform Dark Side of the Moon. For those not in the know, Roger Waters was a founding member of Pink Floyd. My dad met us for dinner at Outback, then the three of us headed up to the concert. Good times for sure. There was an encore of "Just Another Brick (in the wall)", "Comfortably Numb" and one more, but I can't remember it off hand. The entertainment was fantastic, but can someone please testify to the fact that the design for leaving the venue is one of the poorest designs EVER? Help me out here.

This past Sunday was my birthday, I'm 28 now. I guess that puts me in the "late twenties" group, eh? The concert was my present, so that's what I did for my birthday. I splurged and bought us pavillion seats. Our fridge also broke down that day, so that's been fun. The man is coming to fix it on Wednesday.

This weekend is homecoming at teh RHIT and we will be there Friday night and some of Saturday. I'm sure Ben's gone back for homecoming, but this will be the first time for me. I'm sort of excited to check out the student project displays and "hospitality tents" sound exsquisite, I look forward to sampling all of their hospitality. We're staying at the Woodridge Motel, which sounds like a roach motel, but whatever. We'll only be there to sleep. Where are you staying?