Tuesday, June 26, 2007

5 State Tour

I have no idea how JCTMH does this traveling thing so much. I mean, I like to travel, but I usually don't have to be anywhere at any particular time, so there's no rush. It's only 6pm, but I've already been in 5 states and I am pooped! Started in IN (obviously), went to KY to catch my 6:30am flight, 1 hour layover in IL (chicago-midway), then onto MO (Kansas City), then drove into KS (Overland Park). 5 states, 1 time zone difference and 1 very confused, tired girl.

That time zone thing really messed me up this morning. I landed, by my watch, at 7:20 and my flight departed at 7:35. So there I was running down the terminal to "catch" my flight. I go up to the lady at the gate and she says, "Where are you going to?" I say, "Kansas City---am I too late?" we can all see where this is going... she looks at me and says "your plane's not even here." I was confused and she could tell because she then proceeded to tell me "it's only 6:30 sweetie." I had to chuckle, I told her thanks and apologized for being an idiot.

When I got to Kansas City I got to see how rock stars live. There was a driver holding a sign with "Schy" on it! Yeah, I'm Schy...that's me. I was a little dissappointed that it wasn't a limo, but only for a second. I thought it was cool that I was one of "those" people. I got in the van and then realized just how tired I was. I wanted to lay on the bench seat and take a nap. I had looked up the distance between the airport and the office the night before and saw that it was a 45 minute ride. I shoulda done it, but didn't.

So I get to office tired and starving, but those aren't the traits you want to exhibit when you're going to a ___. So I sucked it up, drank 1/2 a cup of coffee (those that know me,know I don't drink coffee ever)and proceeded to ___ my ass off. We broke for lunch around 1pm (my time) and I tried really hard to not inhale my food in front of the company. My body was so thankful for the food, I was starting to get shaky and not think clearly.

After lunch they had me do some application tests; doing different things in Excel, Word, Acess, etc. I did pretty well on those, but I had to really concentrate cause I still felt like I wasn't thinking clearly...I didn't feel on top of my game. But I did the things they asked, some of them I didn't quite know how to do, but I finished. At 3pm the driver showed up to take me back to the airport.

There was a storm front heading east at this point and American had already cancelled their flights from KS to Chicago, I started worrying about my Southwest flight, but it was still scheduled for departure as normal. It was a bumpy flight in and out of Chi-town, but I made it home around 10pm. What a freakin exhausting day!


  • At 6/26/07 12:31 PM, Blogger Annie said…

    is this part of your super secret don't tell ben mission?

  • At 6/26/07 2:17 PM, Blogger Caleb said…

    is this mad libs?

    my guessing: shitter and poop

  • At 6/27/07 8:50 AM, Anonymous dirt! said…

    i was thinking brothel and whore

  • At 6/27/07 4:33 PM, Anonymous Viviane said…

    Can you give us any clue as to when this secret surprise enigma will be solved/revealed?

  • At 6/28/07 12:39 PM, Blogger Stef said…

    the two words are interview and shush!

    and yes, ben knows, i was trying to throw off any other people that might read this.

    But it doesn't matter as I didn't get it anyway.

    Thanks for playing!


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