Monday, July 09, 2007

June Wrap

Despite the lack of blogs, June was a fairly busy month at the Schy house.
In addition to my previously mentioned "5 States in 1 Day Tour", we did do other things.

The weekend of the 16th was spent in Richmond with a 5K Saturday morning, hanging and cooking out by the pool all day and some competitive mini golf later that night. Sunday we took my dad out the breakfast for Father's Day and then went canoeing on the Whitewater River with some friends. Good times! (pics forthcoming)

Sunday the 24th was marked by our purchase of a 50" something, something, something TV (you'll have to ask Bean for the deets--I'm just a girl). (pics forthcoming)

The next weekend was our not-too-exciting trip to Fort Wayne. What was supposed to be a fun filled Friday and Saturday night excursion, actually only lasted until 3pm Saturday when we had explored everything the city had to offer. Thanks to all of you who allowed us to go knowing the city sucked ass.


  • At 7/9/07 2:10 PM, Blogger Annie said…

    if i would have known you were going to fort wayne, i would have told you it sucked. what did you do to keep yourself busy for that long?

  • At 7/9/07 2:12 PM, Blogger Stef said…

    that's just it...we weren't there that long. We checked in around 11pm friday and were ote train at 3:30 saturday.

    I'll add you to the list--thanks

  • At 7/9/07 4:16 PM, Anonymous SS said…

    i used to canoe the whitewater when i was younger. i have family in brookville, so we went up there on a fairly regular basis. it's good tims!

  • At 7/10/07 12:31 PM, Anonymous bigD said…

    Ft. Wayne is a traches. But, they have this place called Power's Burgers that is like a White Castle clone. Their meat appears to be more real and less square than WC. Loads of onions. Recommend if you're ever unfortunate enough to go back there.

    PS, next tim you go some where and want recommendations, you might try asking for them instead of expecting us to read your mind.


  • At 7/10/07 7:17 PM, Blogger Stef said…

    I was under the impression Bean sent an email to some folks...


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