Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Time Flies

Well here it is already September, see I told you summer was almost over. Sorry for the no blogs lately, I've been busy. Here's a rundown of what has been occupying my time.

1) Strassenfest was the first weekend in August. It was good times except that it was hella HOT. I couldn't even enjoy the ginormous, hot, fresh-baked cookies cause it was so dag gone hot. I did partake in about three snow cones though. The night culminated with Ben almost throwing up in downtown Jasper. Despite all the sweat, he hung in there like a champ and kept it together. In his defense he had been drinking since 8 that morning. The following day mosquito-fest was on, but they really need to come up with a better way to dish up 50 cent ice creams. The Tennis'ss's were in line for almost 15 minutes before they got their scoops.

2) At the end of July I quit my CyberTek job to take a Project Analyst job with Chapman Kelly. And no, I'm NOT Ben's sexretary. It's working out pretty well. We drive together most days which should save us $TEXAS in gas over the year.

3)Ben and I held a Chapman Kelly, Inc. company party at our house in mid August. It was quite amusing complete with a interpretive dance set to Salt N' Peppa's "Push It". Good times for sure.

4) The end of August is always marked by the Louisville Zoo's "Brew At the Zoo" event. This year, we added Dirt to our list of attendees. He was partially stoked until he was in the beer tent, two-fisted, and all kinds of lightening, thunder and rain came pouring. THEN he was stoked! This was followed up by a poor showing of beer pong later in the night.

5) Labor Day weekend was spent in Richmond hanging out with my family by the pool, eating and getting burnt. There was also some drinking and a new drinking version of Trouble. If you thought you could pop a lot of trouble with the pop-o-matic bubble before, wait til you try this version!

6) Ben and I (mostly Ben) have been getting involved with our neighborhood trying to get roads, drainage and empty lots taken care of.

So that's it basically. This weekend I'm off to Lake Cumberland to hang out on a kick-ass houseboat and party it up at a bachelorette party. Maybe I'll take some pics, but not PNP.


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