Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Go Jump In the River!

It's that time of year again!

Ben and I will be jumping into the Ohio River on Febuuuurrrary 24th. We've been perfecting our jump strategy and will be ready to go that morning.

This year, we have decided to form a team so you can jump with us. However, since throwing yourself voluntarily into 37 degree water isn't for everyone, you can still help us by making a monetary donation by following this link. Every tax-deductible dollar will help give children and adults with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to grow through various programs.

If you are interested in jumping with us, let us know and we'll get you signed up! Otherwise, thanks for helping us reach our goal and by doing so, you will be helping Special Olympics athletes reach their goals as well.

-Ben & Stef

Friday, January 12, 2007

I Suck at creating titles

Happy New Year to all of you!!
Better late than never...

Did anyone watch The Office last night? If so, did you notice the use of "tim" in the beginning? I actually watched the trailer at work yesterday, and aboot ell ohh elld in my pants when he said it! Ben didn't get to see it because he's in Snowshoe, WV snowboardin' it up with Contanister (aka Punchy), TP, Dirt, Wisdomblog and a guy named Matt. I'm sure they're having good tims.

We spent New Year's Eve in Bloomington with some of my friends. Went to the Blue Bird and watched the opening act, Autovaughn, produce the longest, most unnecessary guitar solo EVER on their last song. Then the main act took the stage, Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise. A blind guy that sings inaudible lyrics in a very jazz type fashion. By the end of the night, we were convinced he was singin about Jell-O puddin pops. Bloomington offered free cab rides that night which was a pretty sweet deal for everyone involved. Good tims were had by all for sure.

My world series of pop culture team has fizzled out. I'm mildly bitter and don't want to talk about it.

We kicked it at M1's this past weekend for some children's museum shenanigans, YATS, pong and grilled meats (I think there was some football game on as well). I'm happy to say that Welch showed up and I talked to him for awhile, so I can confirm that he is alive and well! I'm also happy to report that Ben and I led to Joe Miller's demise that night. I think he was drunk by 8pm. I AM THE KING!!

I'm looking forward to going to Mexico in a few weeks, in fact I just realized that we'll be there at this time next month! We'll be staying in Tulum, an hour south of Cancun at an all-inclusive resort: Aventura Spa Palace. I've been reading all kinds of reviews and tips on Trip Advisor and I think we'll enjoy our time there. The biggest hurdle will be getting past the time-share people when you first get there. We've dealt with them before though. On honeymoon #1 to Florida, the sales guy kept going on and on about what a great deal this was and after Ben said "No", this kid (he couldn't have been older than 23) ended up saying something condescending like, "Well, alright if you're ok taking your girl to the Motel 6 on vacation". I piped in and said I didn't need five star accommodations because when we go on vacation it's about getting out and doing stuff. Ben's already said that if he gets asked if I'm worth five star accommodations again, he's gonna say No. That should throw them off a bit. ha ha I've read that if you haggle a little with the sales people, you get free massages, shirts, towels, etc. Not a bad deal for 90 minutes of your morning especially if it's raining. We'll find out.