Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Got Your Tickets?

I think it's absolutely insane to see people circling the parking lot (multiple times, mind you) trying to get a close parking space at the GYM! You're going to run 15 million miles and sweat all over the treadmill today, but you don't want to walk the extra 75 yards? I specifically make it a point to not park close anymore.

Why is it that most of the guys leave the free weight area when I get there? I don't think I'm intimidating them with my gun show, but maybe I am.

Happy Birthday to Ben -- tomorrow!

Monday, February 19, 2007


That's right, the Plunge/Chili/Stacie-fest is this Saturday. It's shaping up to be a great weekend weather-wise here in southern Indiana; Friday's high of 59 coupled with Saturday's high of 67 means the fourth year in a row of unseasonably warm weather for the Polar Bear Plunge. The air temperature won't take the bite from the 38(+/-) degree water, but it sure does make it more tolerable. We've added another team member to our plunge team this year, my sister! Surely there are people who would pay to see her jump in the near freezing water--make sure to get your donations in by this Thursday!

After the plunge, we will continue on with the days festivities with the somewhat annual Chili-fest. Still not sure who is coming other than Dooley, Rangoon and Tennis, but a good time will be had for sure. Beer & chili = Stef's house smelling like roses. Leave a comment with the name and possibly a short description of your chili so I know what to expect. Also leave a comment if you're coming and you're not one of the three listed above (the more the merrier).

As the evening draws near and we've had our fill of chili, we will round out the evening by taking my newly-turned-21 sister out for drinks and either bowling or pool. You all are invited to stay for the shenanigans, if shenanigans are to be had. In fact, Stacie wants a big crowd to go out with that night so you should come along. The only bed that has been called is the guest room for the Rangoons, otherwise there's still plenty of room!


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dos margaritas, por favor

This Saturday afternoon, Bean & I will be in Tulum Mexico. Staying at the previously mentioned, Aventura Spa Palace for a week. I'm so freaking excited to be leaving all this snow, ice and sub-zero wind chills. Hopefully, since this is a tourist resort, I don't need to know much spanish, since ordering margaritas is the only thing I know. It would be weird if they spoke German, I wonder if I could throw some at them?

So besides eating and drinking all we can handle and getting a massage or two, I've been looking into other things to do around the area. There are some Mayan ruins to check out, Cozumel which I hear is pretty, along with some other touristy type areas with open markets and whatnot. Which, I gotta be honest, I think we were both just sorta "eh" about. We really just want to chill out for once and not always be on the go to see things. But then last night I came upon the Selvatica company who offers zipline "adventures". Holy freaking crap that looks like fun! We're going to do the "extreme adventure" where we go through 11 ziplines (including the longest one in Norf America), then a 1/2 mile bike ride to a cenote to swim around and jump into, then lunch and then back to the hotel. We'll leave at 8am and get back at 3pm. We have two spots reserved for Tuesday.....Consider me stoked!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Locker Room Antics

Ben and I subscribe to a gym and have for the last two months or so. We go right after work and are done within an hour. But what I'm talking about today is what happens in the women's locker room. This is a good, mid-sized gym with the women's locker area having about 50 lockers, two showers, two sinks and two bafroom stalls. The problem I have is when women decide to change clothes in the stalls. It's really only a problem when I have to use the stalls for their intended purpose and I can't because some chick feels like she can't change in front of other women. I would totally understand if there were dudes in there, but there's not. I normally change at work so as to make good use of company time, but I have changed at the gym before and do so in front of however many women happen to be in there. Here's the other thing, those stalls aren't what I would call roomy. I think one is handicappable so there's some extra room, but still.
So what I want to know is, from my 3 women readers, am I being harsh? And from the 4 men readers: do guys do the same thing?
Actually, after typing that last part out, I'm gonna bet that guys don't go to the stalls to change because, unless you're changing underwear, you're not really exposing anything different than what would be seen at a pool.