Tuesday, June 26, 2007

5 State Tour

I have no idea how JCTMH does this traveling thing so much. I mean, I like to travel, but I usually don't have to be anywhere at any particular time, so there's no rush. It's only 6pm, but I've already been in 5 states and I am pooped! Started in IN (obviously), went to KY to catch my 6:30am flight, 1 hour layover in IL (chicago-midway), then onto MO (Kansas City), then drove into KS (Overland Park). 5 states, 1 time zone difference and 1 very confused, tired girl.

That time zone thing really messed me up this morning. I landed, by my watch, at 7:20 and my flight departed at 7:35. So there I was running down the terminal to "catch" my flight. I go up to the lady at the gate and she says, "Where are you going to?" I say, "Kansas City---am I too late?" we can all see where this is going... she looks at me and says "your plane's not even here." I was confused and she could tell because she then proceeded to tell me "it's only 6:30 sweetie." I had to chuckle, I told her thanks and apologized for being an idiot.

When I got to Kansas City I got to see how rock stars live. There was a driver holding a sign with "Schy" on it! Yeah, I'm Schy...that's me. I was a little dissappointed that it wasn't a limo, but only for a second. I thought it was cool that I was one of "those" people. I got in the van and then realized just how tired I was. I wanted to lay on the bench seat and take a nap. I had looked up the distance between the airport and the office the night before and saw that it was a 45 minute ride. I shoulda done it, but didn't.

So I get to office tired and starving, but those aren't the traits you want to exhibit when you're going to a ___. So I sucked it up, drank 1/2 a cup of coffee (those that know me,know I don't drink coffee ever)and proceeded to ___ my ass off. We broke for lunch around 1pm (my time) and I tried really hard to not inhale my food in front of the company. My body was so thankful for the food, I was starting to get shaky and not think clearly.

After lunch they had me do some application tests; doing different things in Excel, Word, Acess, etc. I did pretty well on those, but I had to really concentrate cause I still felt like I wasn't thinking clearly...I didn't feel on top of my game. But I did the things they asked, some of them I didn't quite know how to do, but I finished. At 3pm the driver showed up to take me back to the airport.

There was a storm front heading east at this point and American had already cancelled their flights from KS to Chicago, I started worrying about my Southwest flight, but it was still scheduled for departure as normal. It was a bumpy flight in and out of Chi-town, but I made it home around 10pm. What a freakin exhausting day!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Summer Time

Short of the meatscuit, there's not been too much excitment in the Schy houshold lately. I, for one, am glad I wasn't home for the discovery of that food concoction. I almost threw up just reading that post and furiously scoured the countertop and dishes associated with the making of said item.

I did go to Kansas City last Thursday, but that was part of a secret mission that I can't blog about (hope Bean's not reading this) right now.

We went out to dinner with Caleb and Annie for her birthday last Friday--lots of Melting Pot goodness. I drank exactly 2.5 Schlitz Light's at M1's after dinner and passed out somewhere around the party at the moon tower portion of Dazed and Confused.

Saturday we got up and went to the Oaken Barrel for lunch, Idaho nachos are the bizzomb! I highly recommend them. M1 & I then split a chicken quesadilla. Then we headed off to the 1st annual (hopefully) Indiana Homebrewer's Brew-B-Q. It was a gathering of homebrew clubs from all over Indiana. Bean, M1 & I were there as representatives of IBADS (Indiana Brewing and Drinking Society). We made some new friends, drank various homebrews and got M1 interested in the craft. We all got a little sun and then Bean and I kicked it back to southern Indiana around 9pm.

Sunday we didn't do much, just did a little gardening and general cleaning of the house. We had dinner with his parents, then called it a weekend. All in all, good times.

Not much lined up for this week, but this weekend we'll be in Richmond. We're running a 5K saturday, hanging out at the parents' pool and canoeing with friends on Sunday.