Friday, December 14, 2007

Hawaii Blog Part 1

I know, I know....'bout time!

For those not in the know, Ben bought me a trip to Hawaii for my birthday (ok, he bought it for both of us). My bestest bud in the whole wide world, Geoff moved out there at the beginning of the year with his girlfriend Jessica (who is now his almost wife).

Geoff and Jessica live on the island of Kauai in the town of Lihue. They offered to let us stay at their humble abode for the 8 nights we were there. So we did Hawaii on the cheap and got to hang out with them!! Bonus!

First of all, Hawaii is 5 hours behind us here in Indiana, so we had time zone issues to deal with in a major way. We left Louisville in the am (can't member the times), flew to Houston where we then boarded a humongous plane and 8 hours later arrived at Honolulu at 6:30pm local time (11:30pm here), then hopped a short flight (37 minutes) over to the island of Kauai. So it was sorta like we came from the future through a worm hole in the time-space continuum.

Geoff met us at the baggage claim, but our bags hadn't made it yet since we managed to hope an earlier flight from Ohau. So we went out to dinner while we waited for our luggage. Went to this place and promptly ordered a Mai Thai and fish & chips. With a belly full of good food and alcohol, we picked up our luggage and went back to their place where we promptly oatted at 8:30pm.