Monday, August 04, 2008

Summer's Almost Over 08

Long time, no bloggy.... excuses trach, beep, honk, etc.

I'm looking for a break from work and ran out of things to look at on the internet, so I thought I'd post a weekend re-cap. Although due to the lack of bloggins, my guess is that no one will see this for three days. And only then it will by accident that someone clicked on my blog. But then again, I think I'm linked up RSS style to trachbang, so maybe it won't take three days... anyway I digress.

I was stoked that I participated in my first Canoefest this past Friday, which is the start of the newly named DuckStock-fest (re: dooleyblog). The canoing was good, the river/creek/etc was fast and high which meant minimal paddling for Bean (cause it's always minimal paddling for me). There was one carcase spotted, two urine waterfalls, a bunch of flipped canoes and a partridge in a pear tree.

Immediately upon returning to the BBQ, the pork chop extravaganza started. I almost got sick looking at that amount of meat. (TWSS)
I ate my fill of potatoes and slaw and promptly took a nap to get stoked for Strassenfest.

The stoking for Strassenfest took a little longer and few more beers than I would have liked, but after a few cups I was there. Good times, although somehow Bean & I didn't get to polka as much as we wanted. It was hot again this year, but not as hot as last year, and as such instead of my typical hot-from-the-oven monster cookies, I had two snow cones in addition to a FREE schnitzel (ya hear that Flamion?).

We chucked it back to the BBQ around 1AM and I called it a night. I believe there was a pork chop food challenge, but I didn't see it; I'll leave that for someone else to blog about.

Saturday morning started with Angie's always good breakfast burritos. Then me, Maxson and Bean headed back to Strassenfest for their homebrew contest.
*Spoiler alert*
There were three categories for the beer: Light, Wheat, and Dark. Bean won first place in the light and dark beer categories and some dude from Indy won the Wheat category.

Immediately after the homebrew contest, we loaded up Stutz and headed back to Memphis. After learning that Mosquito-fest ice cream was now $1 a scoop, it made the drive less zesty and we decided to forgo that portion of DuckStock 08.

For dinner that night, we went to my favorite New Albany restaurant, Joe's OK Bayou. I had my normal crawfich etoufee, but the noteworthy portion of this story is about the girl who worked there that was eating boiled crawfich. She kept saying things like, "I wanted to suck the head longer cause I love the taste, but it was so hot" or "I would have had more, but my lips are swelling".... yeah, it's true, she really did say that and TONS more. I could not stop laughing, although I was trying to hide laughter from her as she was young and, I really believe, did not realize what she was saying. I think the three of us laughed all the home about it.

Sunday night concluded with Maxson and I kicking it to Deercreek (aka Verizon Wireless Music Center) for a kick ass Radiohead show. In addition to already awesome music, they had a stellar light show and grossly inflated beer prices ($10 for 24oz Coors Light). Good times for sure, although the getting out of the parking lot portion sucked verily, but I'm not sure I've ever been to a concert there where it didn't suck!

In conclusion, I had a busy weekend. Summer is almost over. Brew at the zoo is August 23rd.
End Transmission


  • At 8/4/08 9:58 AM, Blogger Bean said…

    welcome back to teh internet, wif!

  • At 8/4/08 5:21 PM, Anonymous GuyInOrangeHat said…

    Nice Ass!

  • At 8/5/08 9:31 AM, Blogger Annie said…

    does this mean you and bean are in for the brew?

  • At 8/5/08 12:07 PM, Blogger Stef said…

    Was there a question as to our attendance?

  • At 8/5/08 3:03 PM, Anonymous bigD said…

    summer is OVER

  • At 8/6/08 10:43 AM, Blogger Annie said…

    kinda...i thought you would be going but when celeb ducked about it a few weeks ago he made it seem like there wasn't any interest.

  • At 8/6/08 1:51 PM, Blogger Stef said…

    I'm no duck (keep the birches off the duck), but it seems like there's always low interest in BATZ.

    Why--I don't know, but seems like it'll be the usual crowd for the 2008 edition.

  • At 8/22/08 12:21 PM, Anonymous vinnie jones said…

    Hawaii Blog 2??!!

    F it. I don't remember that far back either.


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